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Intels 25th Anniversary

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Welcome to GQ Acoustics, a leading professional audio company involved in Productions, Architectural Acoustics, Installation, and Sales of premium quality sound reinforcement systems. We are the sole regional representative of the prestigious MEYER SOUND in West Africa and also of DIGICO UK. In our quest for excellence, our engineers are continually trained, locally and internationally, to meet professional standards, and to hold their own even amongst top audio engineers around the world. GQ Acoustics offers to provide you with all your sound engineering requirements, with a commitment to deliver the very best in quality and service; because that's what GQA stands for...great quality sound..

Our Partners

GQ Acoustics serves as the official manufacturer's representative...
Sound Productions
GQ Acoustics sound productions division offers unequalled services in audio equipment in our staging...
GQ Acoustics engineers are highly trained to handle any type or level of sound engineering installation ranging from...
One of the cardinal principles of GQ Acoustics is the indispensability of skilled and trained audio engineers...